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Amber Snowplow Lighting Package - British Columbia




• Meets or exceeds TAC Standards for Beacons, Minibars, and Warning Sticks
• Meets MTO Standards ES-2410001, ES-2420001, & ES-2200012
• Rugged, Durable aluminum and polycarbonate construction
• Quick connection system for easy installation and winter/summer modification
• Automatic ambient light photocell for night time Dim mode
• No bulbs or moving parts to fail
• Other colour combinations available

Package Includes
• 16362 (x1) Fleet Plus LED Mini Bar
• 93610 (x2) Tractor/Spreader/Utility Flasher
• 56045 (x4) Warning Stick
• 96043 (x1) Main Junction Box
• 722075 (1x) 50’ cable assembly for 16362

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