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September 2018

SWS Warning Lights Inc.  - Expanding into new markets

"SWS Warning Lights is one of the latest success stories for Invest Buffalo Niagara. The company makes flashing lights for plow trucks and other vehicles, as well as a variety of other products. It opened its new warehouse in January."

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July 2018

SWS Warning Lights Inc. - New Product Announcement

SWS wanted to test our waterproof and condensation claims, so we took our TITAN arrows down to the river and submerged it under water. It still worked while under water and it even worked when we brought it out! Full weather test coming soon!

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June 2018

SWS Warning Lights Inc. - New Product Announcement

SWS releases a new mounting bracket called the Zero Drill (98088F), this mounting platform was designed to make life easier for you, so you can go out and enjoy some downtime! It has been designed with a simple two bolt design, attaching to your brake light meaning no holes drilled in your truck for fast and easy installation.

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October 2017

SWS Warning Lights Inc.  - New Product Announcement

At just 2” in height, the New Eclipse Mini Light Bar from SWS is one of the slimmest profile lights on the market. Despite it’s slim profile, it sacrifices nothing in regards to visibility, durability, and reliability.

• Ultra-efficient LEDs and dual-beam optics drive it beyond SAE Class 1 standards for omni-directional devices.

• It’s precision molded outer-dome and cast-aluminum base protect the critical electrical components from un-forgiving environments.

The wide selection of colors, mounting options, and un-paralleled technical features ensure that there is an eclipse for your application.

January 2017

SWS Warning Lights Inc.  - New Product Announcement

Introducing the latest breakthrough from SWS, the Titan Series Modular lighthead. The Titan is 
available as a rugged stand alone perimeter light or as a non-metallic modular lighthead. The 
stand alone version is perfect for the unrelenting environment that is your vehicle’s grill while the modular lighthead is the heart of our new 57000 series warning sticks, traffic directors, and arrows.
The Titan uses a 12-LED merged TIR optical design to provide a blistering 4750 effective candela 
(Amber) warning signal, all while consuming a remarkably low amount of power.
Whether you are a body builder or contractor, you’ll find that the new Titan Series offers unparalleled value and the uncompromising quality you’ve come to expect from SWS.


May 2016

SWS Warning Systems - Safety Warning Specialists

We have announced this spring that we have now doubled our warranty coverage to an unprecedented 10 years! We strive to make ourselves better and provide customers with the latest technological innovations, which allow us this historic change in warranties in the amber business. Third –party comparison testing of our minibars to leading competitors has proven what customers across Canada has known for decades - SWS has far better light output! In fact, several other great features include, BatteryCheck, AutoDim and Synchronization! Check our site for our full product line.

January 2016