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Making the case for forklift safety lights

Forklifts play a vital role in warehouses, construction sites, yard operations and manufacturing facilities. Although incredibly useful, these vehicles have the potential to cause serious injury and even death to operators, other workers, and pedestrians.

According to automation company SIERA.AI, there are an estimated 96,000 forklift injuries in North America each year. What’s even more shocking is that experts estimate that 70 percent of these accidents can be prevented.

So, how do we prevent them?

One of the most effective ways we can limit the number of forklift accidents is by arming these industrial trucks with warning lights.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the numerous ways warning lights can mitigate the alarming number of forklift accidents.

Lights are more telling than sounds

Forklift warning lights are known to be more effective than the sound of a forklift backup alarm and/or horn.

In a large working space like a warehouse, sounds can be misleading as they blend in with other surrounding noises. This can prohibit workers from understanding the forklift’s precise location and lead to a potential accident.

Warning lights on the other hand capture the attention of workers regardless of the level of noise in a work environment.

Visible border

Forklifts are incredibly heavy and have a large turning radius. If employees aren’t paying attention and are standing too close, they risk falling victim to an injury. Installing a warning light signals people to avoid the forklift’s movement radius. This ‘cushion of safety creates a no-go zone, which everyone in the warehouse must avoid.

Prevents accidents with other devices

Warehouses are full of blind spots and narrow aisles.  Positioning a warning light on a forklift can help prevent cost-heavy collisions with other forklifts and lifting devices.

Highly Durable

Each of our various models of warning lights is incredibly sturdy and is capable of withstanding shock and vibration. This is important as forklifts lack the traditional suspension systems commonly found in cars.

Our warning lights are also made using the most efficient light source–LEDs. Unlike fluorescent, incandescent, and metal-halide lighting sources, LEDs are made without any fragile components. They also demonstrate an incredible lifespan with the average LED bulb lasting about 5000+ hours.

Boost productivity

When employees witness an accident involving a co-worker and a forklift, they may begin to focus more on being cautious and avoiding harm than being productive.

Installing warning lights on your forklift can provide them with the peace of mind to go about their daily tasks without fear.

Ensure your Forklift is safe with warning lights from SWS

SWS Warning Lights can provide you with the warning lights your forklift needs to protect pedestrians and workers. As North America’s leader in high-quality warning lights, we offer a wide variety of durable industrial-grade warning lights fit for your forklift. Call us today at 905-357-0222 or fill out the form here to learn more about how we can help you limit the risk of forklift accidents at your workplace.

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