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LED Technologies

LED is the 21st century’s answer to the strobe technology the industry had been using for almost 50 years, and SWS has led its adoption and development.

In the 1960s, strobe technology offered a brighter, longer lasting bulb than halogen or incandescent technology. But the disadvantages of strobe tube technology outweighed its benefits and attempts to improve it were unsuccessful. Strobes required high voltages and higher amperage draws than emerging LED technology, and they didn’t operate as efficiently in low temperature environments. They have limited to no advanced control measures despite complex circuitry.

New LED technology overcame the challenges of strobe technology and in 2012 we were among the first North American manufacturers in our industry to introduce LED in our products. Investing significantly in engineering, committing to introducing new technology and eliminating strobe circuitry from our core product line in favour of a 100% LED line was a major shift for us, and it's paid off in terms of what we can offer our customers. Being a leader in the adoption and development of LED technology allowed us to satisfy our customers’ needs and engineer solutions for a broad range of applications, including municipal Public Works departments, construction, mining, traffic safety, vehicle accessories and more. Choose from our Fleet Plus™ line of TRU 360° LED Beacons, Parabolic Reflector LED Minibars and other products. 

Our new beacons and minibars feature (depending on make and model):

  • The latest high-power LED lights available, with more light output
  • Lower current draw
  • Communication between devices using a single wire (in Fleet Plus Series)
  • Zero EMI 
  • Multi-voltage input: 12-80 volts DC
  • Master/Slave
  • LIN Technology 

Our LED products offer unparalleled mechanical, electrical and optical technology for your fleet vehicle. We can help you find the right product or engineer a custom solution based on your requirements. Contact us today.