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Two colours in one warning light

Across Canada and the USA

Beacons, Minibars, Warning Sticks/Traffic Directors, Lightheads


Vehicles had typically been utilizing a warning light that produced a certain colour of light depending upon the colour of the outer lens or dome.  Police, Fire, and Ambulances began using two colours to help with visibility of the vehicle as well as identification of the type of vehicle, but this was still done with coloured lenses or domes or the use of two different coloured lights.  This was the result of the use of halogen or Zenon strobe systems being capable of producing only “white” light.


LED technology is different than halogen and Zenon strobe technology, in that LEDs are capable of producing specific colours of light including blue, green, amber, red, and later even white.

            With modern design techniques, electronics, and the latest LED technology, SWS was able to implement the use of two different colours within the same warning light system.  It first started with the use of small panels comprised of two different colours, each individually controlled, and implemented into a minibar.


Today, SWS has the ability to offer split colour capability in a wide range of products.  The seamless colour changing ability of our minibars and beacons allows for maximum coverage 360˚ around the vehicle ensuring visibility.  SWS has the ability to provide any combination of blue, green, amber, red, and white in all our split colour products.