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Truck Mounted Modular Traffic Arrow

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Quebec and Eastern Canada

Traffic Arrows


Quebec and Eastern Canada were updating their flashing arrow requirements for short and long term construction on public roads, which required the use of truck mounted and trailer mounted arrows with specific dimensional layouts.  The new requirements involved the use of a round modular style layout while previously approved SWS traffic arrows use extruded aluminum housing with rectangular LED panels.


Our engineering team developed a new modular style LED traffic arrow to satisfy the dimensional requirements and performance characteristics as listed in the Quebec and Eastern Canada provincial guidelines.  A new two piece arrow body and round modular style heads with the latest LED technology were designed and assembled in house, along with new construction techniques and interconnects.


The 54000 Series Traffic Arrow is SWS’s latest LED traffic directing device.  Its 2 piece impact resistant UV stabilized ABS body meets the dimensional requirements for Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and British Columbia, and can be used in Ontario in conjunction with TC-12 arrows or for short duration work.  The new round modular head employs a dual optic with 9 flood style optics for maximum viewing angle, and 3 narrow beam optics to maximize the projection distance.