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Traffic Director with more features

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Traffic Directors


Traffic directors are usually a single long system comprised of 4 or more light elements that are “flashed” in a sequence as to convey the intent of the desired direction for traffic to divert.  The issue is that they tended to be mounted high on the back of a vehicle to maximize visibility, but could block the center high mounted stop light (CHMSL or third brake light).  Lowering the traffic director would minimize its effectiveness, so some users had to choose between having the CHMSL visible or maximizing the effectiveness of the traffic director.


With the utilization of LED technology, SWS’s engineers were able to develop a traffic director that not only provided dynamic traffic directing patterns, but also incorporated a set of red LEDs that could connect to a vehicles stop/turn/tail lighting system.  This allowed traffic directors to be mounted high and cover the CHMSL, while the internal red LEDs acted as a pseudo third brake light.


SWS’s 59041 traffic director utilizes 4 high brightness red LEDs to not only act as a stop light, but also running lights and turn signals as well.  To further enhance the functionality of the traffic director, 4 high brightness white LEDs and special flood optics were added to provide an integrated floodlight that is controllable from the same control box.