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Replacement of Strobe Technology

Across Canada and the USA

Beacons and Minibars


Zenon strobe systems had been the go to technology for high brightness warning lights for decades, since the 1960’s.  They were a very high output low cost system that didn’t require too many components to produce a flashing pattern that was discernable over a large distance.  Unfortunately, the components that make the system are not very rugged, produce large amounts of EMI, draw quite a bit of current (amps), and contain material like lead and mercury.


LED technology has improved to the point where the latest generations of LEDs are much more affordable, higher intensity with less current draw, and available in a wide variety of colours from Blue to Red and even White.   

By replacing the Zenon strobe systems with the newest LED technology SWS’s engineers were able to create a system that solved the main issues with strobe technology and added several upgrades to the existing lights.


SWS’s entire line of Zenon strobe beacons and minibars were replaced with our patented high output Fleet LED light engine.  The warning lights are more robust, draw a fraction of the current, produce unique better visibility flash patterns, and emit little to no EMI.