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Case Studies

Aftermarket Parts

Positioning traffic directors correctly on the backs of emergency vehicles is critical to ensuring that traffic flows safely and efficiently. However, high-mounted traffic directors can block other indicators such as a third brake light, compromising traffic safety.

SWS Warning Lights developed the perfect solution to help maintain traffic safety.

Aftermarket Parts

When working on public roads, construction crew safety is a must, especially when it comes to traffic control. However, as traffic levels increase, changes to the current technology are required to maintain safety.

When design enhancements are needed, SWS Warning Lights is ready to answer the call.

Provincial Transportation Authority

Snowplows are crucial to keeping our roads safe during snowfall events. However, when snowplows aren’t visible to other vehicles, the risk of traffic accidents increases.

SWS Warning Lights, in collaboration with Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, came up with the perfect solution.