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Build Quality

As a leading manufacturer of optical and audio warning devices, we produce the best quality amber lighting and related products in the industry. We’re constantly advancing the benchmark for performance by introducing new technology that will help us build the brightest and most reliable beacons, minibars, traffic arrows and directors. 

Your safety and visibility are our highest priorities, so we design our equipment for maximum LED image size, allowing the light to fill the lens with optimum visibility and brightness. 

You endure extreme conditions and tough environments. So should the equipment you depend on. In side-by-side comparisons with our competition’s products, our high quality LED lights perform better, last longer and endure more extreme conditions. SWS products are made to survive years of extreme warm and cold temperatures and are treated with protective processes (including encapsulation, potting and coating) against road salt, moisture, dirt and other elements that damage internal circuits. Our “plug and play” technology is designed to work seamlessly with your other equipment.

Our in-house engineering department allows us to be responsive and attuned to your needs. We will custom build to your specifications, whether you require one piece of equipment or an entire lighting package with multiple colour combinations and functions.

We have two distinct product lines to choose from:

Fleet Plus™ 

The Fleet Plus™ line of products includes beacons and minibars that combine modern LED technology, fully encapsulated electronics and intelligent SWS software to give you the brightest and most energy efficient light possible. The circuits in our minibars are coated, while the circuits in our beacons are potted.  

From TRU360° LED Beacons with AutoDim technology and Battery Check to Parabolic Reflector LED Minibars with synchronization capabilities, this line offers the latest technology, easily upgradeable software and highly customizable features to meet the demanding environments you face every day. Other features include progressive dimming, single wire communication and Zero EMI (electromagnetic interference). 


If you need a basic lighting or equipment solution without the extra features of our Fleet Plus™ series, this line is for you. These products feature the high quality construction, performance and long lasting durability you expect from SWS, without the extra features you don’t need. This line of products includes 12-80 volt DC input. 

We can help you decide which product line and equipment is right for you. Contact us today.