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SWS Warning Lights is proud to announce the launch of our SELECT series of tough, rugged, clear dome warning lights for construction, industrial, and utility applications.

This latest leap in industrial safety innovation takes amber light technology to the next level. Designed and built by our in-house team of SWS engineers, SELECT amber lights are made for reliable performance and long-lasting durability under the harshest weather conditions.

Expert SWS craftspeople build our SELECT products in our Niagara Falls, Canada workshop. We leverage innovative proprietary metal cutting equipment, wire handling machinery, harness production, and ultrasonic welding tools to create the most reliable and durable amber lights on the market. Our engineers designed and built specialized optics and re-engineered the electronics to give you simplified control without affecting performance.

One of the most revolutionary features of SELECT amber lights is the sleek clear dome that renders the light almost invisible when not in use. Many customers have told us they’d like an additional option than amber for when their vehicles are parked. We’ve answered the call with a clear dome that offers a more discreet appearance that doesn’t distract from the overall look of your trucks.

Perhaps best of all, SELECT amber warning lights are available at an unbeatable price point comparable with other products that don’t deliver the same level of quality parts, expert craftsmanship, or dependable performance when you need it the most. 

Learn more about our new transformative SELECT series of amber warning lights by viewing our online brochure, or reach out to us at 1-877-357-0222. Most orders ship within four business days!

SELECT is exclusively available from SWS Warning Lights.


In today’s challenging business environment, cutting costs is a solid strategy for increasing and protecting your business’s bottom line. Being part of a cost-conscious culture committed to company efficiency and profitability only makes good business sense.

However, many companies cut costs by relying on offshore suppliers for their safety products. In most cases, these products were of inferior construction quality, were unreliable, and required frequent replacement. Buying offshore actually led to increased costs over time

Our SELECT products combine the best performance and reliability with a competitive price point. Our high-quality products outlast most other amber lights on the market, giving our customers significant cost savings, along with the additional benefits buying domestically can bring.


Canadians understand the need for equipment reliability during extreme weather conditions and don’t take shortcuts when manufacturing parts to ensure traffic and roadside safety.

Everyone at SWS Warning Lights believes in these same principles, which is why we design and build all of our components in our Niagara Falls, Canada workshop. If we don’t make the component here, we source it locally to ensure that the end safety product is of the utmost quality.

Buying Canadian also brings the customer a whole host of other benefits, including:

  • Faster, more reliable shipping: Your product won’t take weeks crossing the ocean to arrive at your door. Faster domestic shipping enables you to install your warning lights faster and improve the safety of your fleet and employees sooner.
  • Lower shipping fees: Shipping fees and duty from buying offshore can be expensive. Ordering domestically gives you lower shipping rates and more reliable service.
  • Accessible production facilities: You likely won’t fly overseas to visit an offshore supplier. We’re practically located “right next door”, and we’re happy to welcome you for a tour of our location.
  • Tighter product quality: Working with domestic manufacturers gives you better transparency into how it operates and how their products are built. Dealing with an overseas supplier can prove challenging if quality details slip through the cracks, especially if they’re in a time zone far removed from yours.
  • Better labour standards: Canada is a global leader in maintaining and protecting a high level of labour standards, including health benefits, safe working conditions, and employee rights. A happier workforce means more pride and effort goes into maintaining high quality standards of their products.
  • More efficient communication: When dealing with domestic sales and customer service representatives, communication is much easier and more aligned with your local operating hours. It’s also easier to schedule meetings to connect, keeping your projects moving forward and on schedule. 
  • Reliable supply chain: Domestic supply chains are always more flexible and dynamic when there is a disruption. International supply chains can’t respond in the same way. Plus, if there is a threat to the supply chain, SWS will find a way to get your products to you as quickly as possible.

SWS products are proudly built in Canada, providing you with top-quality safety equipment, optimum customer service, and pricing that creates value for your company, both today and in the long run.

Learn more about our new transformative SELECT series of amber warning lights by viewing our online brochure, or reach out to us at 1-877-357-0222.